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Review: Best Generic Coffee (Whole Bean)

The Hunt for the Best Cheap Coffee My husband and I decided to start drinking coffee regularly at home last fall (about 9 months ago). My husband has been a lifelong coffee drinker but mostly drank it at the office (free is always good, right?). I was new to drinking coffee (because I apparently lived under a rock for my…
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Cheaper Alternatives to Ray-Ban Sunglasses

This is the next post in my wildly popular “cheaper alternatives” series. In this series, I look at popular brands and find cheaper alternatives. Today’s topic is cheaper alternatives to Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Bans have become so common that people often have trouble even thinking of any other sunglass brand! I’ll look at alternatives (or some people might say Ray-Ban dupes,…
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Swedish Dishcloth Review

Several of my friends have talked about Swedish dishcloths. I’m curious! What is a Swedish dishcloth? Why would I want one? What do they cost? And I’m always wondering if there are cheaper alternatives to the expensive options! What Is a Swedish Dishcloth? A Swedish dishcloth is like a cross between a sponge and a dishcloth. It’s like a very…
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Cheaper Alternatives to Thirty-One Utility Totes

Today I’m looking at cheaper alternatives to Thirty-One Utility Totes. This is part of my series of posts about cheaper alternatives to expensive brands.  I’ve seen Thirty-One Gifts Large Utility Totes frequently around my local public pool and Costco. I’ve been interested in one myself, but haven’t wanted to pay full price. It turns out there are plenty of less…
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Review: Willow Toilet Paper from Aldi

This post is part of my popular toilet paper review series. No one likes to throw money down the toilet by spending more than necessary on toilet paper! This series helps you check out the cheaper toilet paper options and save some money. This post is a review of Willow toilet paper from Aldi. You may think of Aldi for…
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How to Get Health Insurance While Unemployed

My husband recently lost his job because his company is shutting down. Since this blog is my only (small) source income, this means that we lost almost our entire family income. His unemployment also meant that we lost our health insurance. Figuring out how to get health insurance while unemployed has been complicated and frustrating. I decided to share what…
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Review: Presto Toilet Paper from Amazon

This post is another addition to my series about saving money on toilet paper. I was very excited (some might say unnaturally excited) to see that Amazon now has their own Prime-exclusive¬†line of toilet paper. The line is called Presto! And yes, the exclamation point is part of the name. It seems perfect for someone like me who gets excited…
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