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Where Can I Buy Hot Chocolate Bombs?

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Have you seen the videos going around TikTok of the hot chocolate bombs? Are your kids asking for them? Well, there are plenty of tutorials on how to make hot chocolate bombs but not all of us are Pinterest moms and a lot of us do not have time for making fancy chocolates. I wondered if you can buy them. Thankfully, you can!

Where can you find hot chocolate bombs?

Frankford hot chocolate bombs can be found at many grocery, drug, and dollar stores. They’re also in-store at Walmart and can be ordered through Walmart grocery. Costco, Target, and Trader Joe’s carry store brand hot chocolate bombs. Handmade ones can be found on Etsy, at local chocolate shops and bakeries, or through sellers on Facebook.

Personally, my favorite hot chocolate bombs came from this chocolate shop on Etsy.

For more information about how and where to buy hot chocolate bombs, keep reading or check out my YouTube video below!

Where can you BUY hot chocolate bombs? You CAN buy them!

What Is a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

In case you’re not sure exactly what they are – A hot chocolate bomb is generally a hollow chocolate ball that has marshmallows inside. The idea is that you put it in hot milk and it explodes to make hot chocolate in a fun way.

What Are the Types of Hot Chocolate Bombs for Sale?

There are a few different types of hot chocolate bombs:

  1. Hollow chocolate ball with marshmallows inside. The melted chocolate is enough to make the milk chocolatey.
  2. Hollow chocolate ball with powder for hot chocolate and marshmallows inside.
  3. Some hot chocolate bombs say you should ADD them to already-made hot chocolate. I didn’t include those here.

Where to Buy Frankford Hot Chocolate Bombs

The Frankford brand hot chocolate bombs are the only ones that are a widely available commercial brand.

I bought a few of the Frankford brand ones to give them a try. My kids and I tried them out and when they exploded it definitely wasn’t as dramatic as a lot of the ones we’d seen on TikTok, so that was a little disappointing.

The good news is they made a very tasty hot chocolate. It was sweet and rich and we really enjoyed it. The marshmallows are dried and small in the Frankford hot chocolate bombs so that was a little bit disappointing.

I cut one open to see exactly what was inside and it is simply just dried marshmallows. There’s no powder inside the Frankford brand ones.

The Frankford brand hot chocolate bombs are widely available at many grocery stores, dollar stores, and drugstores. I followed many different leads about where they’ve been spotted around my town, but they’re sold out many places.

I finally found them at a local drugstore and I think maybe I got lucky there because it was a smaller, more local place, so definitely keep your eye at places like that.

Frankford Hot Chocolate Bombs at Walmart

Walmart carries the Frankford hot chocolate bombs as an in-store only grocery item.

If you want to have a better chances of finding some hot chocolate bombs in stock, you can check the online grocery app.

Since the chocolate bombs are an in-store only item, so you can’t order them online unless you’re placing a grocery order. BUT if you place a grocery order for a few days from now, and they’re in stock today, they may not be in stock by the time you pick up your order.

I would recommend checking the grocery app to see which stores in your area have them in stock and just running over there to buy them in person.

Where to Buy Frankford Hot Chocolate Bombs Online

If you’re looking to buy hot chocolate bombs online, I did see the Frankford hot chocolate bombs on Amazon and ebay, but people were charging outrageous prices. They were all over $10 when the Frankford brand ones are only two to three dollars in grocery stores and drugstores, so don’t be scammed by these outrageous prices on them online.

Frankford does sell the chocolate bombs themselves online, but they’ve been frequently sold out online.

Other Store Brands of Hot Chocolate Bombs

There are a few stores that have their own brands of hot chocolate bombs.

Hot Chocolate Bombs at Costco

Costco had a $20 pack of 16 very beautiful hot chocolate bombs but it seems to be only in certain stores. They’re definitely hard to find.

Costco online also had a different brand of hot chocolate bombs but they have sold out quickly.

Hot Chocolate Bombs at Target

Target has hot chocolate bombs, but they called them “drink bombs” instead. Target has their own brand of hot chocolate bombs but the reviews were absolutely terrible. I would not recommend them.

Hot Chocolate Bombs at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has some really cute snowman hot chocolate bombs for only $2 but it sounds like they’re in very limited supply.

Where to Buy Handmade Hot Chocolate Bombs

My kids and I also tried a handmade one with quality chocolate and the explosion it made was definitely much more dramatic and fun to watch. The biggest difference was that the marshmallows are not dried so they really pop open when it explodes. It also made for tastier marshmallows when we drank the hot chocolate.

The average price for handmade hot chocolate bombs is around $5-7.

Where to Buy Handmade Hot Chocolate Bombs Locally

When I was trying to find where I could buy hot chocolate bombs locally, I posted in my local community Facebook group. I couldn’t believe that I got over 90 comments right away. My post was almost as popular as the discussions of when the bulk trash day is!

There were so many local people selling hot chocolate bombs that they’re making themselves!

If you want to buy hot chocolate bombs locally, you can check:

  1. Individuals selling in Facebook groups or on Facebook Marketplace
  2. Chocolate shops
  3. Local bakeries

Where to Buy Handmade Hot Chocolate Bombs Online

Like with anything handmade, Etsy is a great place to go. That’s where I got my favorite hot chocolate bombs!

I ordered them from a small chocolate shop and they were so pretty, they exploded so nicely, and they were delicious. I would definitely recommend this chocolate shop on Etsy.

I don’t know if they’ll have them in stock as they definitely come and go but if that chocolate shop doesn’t have them, there are plenty of other excellent options on Etsy!

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Friday 11th of December 2020

My daughter and I are going to attempt to make these as Christmas gifts. But I'm saving this post because if they're a fail I'll know where to buy them. 🙂

Cindy Scott

Monday 14th of December 2020

Ha, good plan! :)

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