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Cheap DIY Phone Loopy Grip: Popsocket Alternative

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Have you been looking for something to help you hold on to your phone? Have you been shocked by the prices of Popsockets, LoopyCases, or other popular phone grip accessories? Me too!

My kids and I enjoy playing Pokemon Go. We go for long walks around the park with our phones and phone drops are a frequent problem.

I wanted something to help that didn’t cost $8-30 per phone. There had to be a cheaper alternative to Popsockets and LoopyCases!

I came up with a DIY solution that only requires about 5 cents worth of materials. How’s that for savings?! In this post, I’ll show you how to make your own cheap DIY phone grip strap.

DIY Phone Grip - 5-minute, easy solution! Awesome cheaper alternative to Pop Socket or Loopy Case.

You Might Need a DIY Phone Grip Strap if You:

  • Have a modern smaller phone that’s hard to hold onto.
  • Have your hands full already (with groceries, drinks, papers, etc).
  • Run or walk with your phone.
  • Have a large tablet-style phone that you can’t get your hands around.
  • Enjoy playing Pokemon Go while walking for an extended time.
  • Have a child who drops your phone because of lack of coordination.
  • Have physical limitations due to age or disability that limit your ability to hold a phone.
  • Want to use your phone one-handed, such as while holding a handrail on a bus or train.

Cheap DIY Phone Grip Strap vs. Popsocket

My DIY phone grip strap is better than a Popsocket because it:

  • Doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.
  • Works with magnetic car mounts.
  • Doesn’t add any thickness and lays flat.
  • Can be used with a single finger as a handle when your hands are full.
  • Is much cheaper.

Cheap DIY Phone Grip Strap vs. LoopyCases

My phone grip strap is better than a LoopyCase because it:

  • Can be used with any phone while LoopyCases are only available for Apple, Samsung, and Pixel.
  • Works with any type of phone case.
  • Lays flatter.
  • Is much cheaper.

Downsides of Cheap DIY Phone Grip Strap

No solution is perfect. I found that this version of a phone grip strap:

  • Doesn’t function as a stand. It helps with grip only.
  • Can break with heavy use (but is easy and cheap to replace).
  • Doesn’t hold quite as tightly as some elastic grip options.

How To Make a Cheap DIY Phone Grip Strap

Supply List

  1. Phone
  2. Phone case: any variety should work. Mine is a basic TPU case.
  3. Ribbon: non-stretchy and not too slippery. I used this pack of 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon.
  4. Scissors
  5. Heavy Duty Packing Tape (easier) OR Needle & Thread (longer lasting)
DIY phone grip strap

DIY Phone Grip Strap Supplies


Step 1: Measure & Cut Ribbon

  • Insert one end of the ribbon through the charging hole in the bottom of the case.
  • Insert the other end of the ribbon through the camera hole in the middle of the case.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the back of the case and cut a piece that overlaps by 1-2 inches (as shown below).
DIY phone grip strap

Measure & Cut the Ribbon

Step 2: Measure the Amount of Slack Needed

  • Hold the ends of the ribbon on the inside of the case, as in step 1.
  • Put 1 or 2 fingers underneath the ribbon on the outside of the case to estimate how much slack you need.
  • TIP: Do not pull the ribbon tight when you attach it or you won’t be able to get your fingers inside.
  • TIP: You may need to adjust and experiment with the tightness to find what’s comfortable for you.
DIY phone grip strap

Estimate how much slack you need in the ribbon to fit your fingers.

Step 3 (Option 1): Tape the Ribbon

  • Leaving the ribbon as loose as step 2, firmly tape the ribbon to the inside of the case.
  • Rub all around the tape to make sure it’s gripping well.
  • TIP: Do not overlap the ribbon if you’re taping it. It will hold better if it’s not overlapping.
  • TIP: The tape must be very strong. I recommend Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape.
DIY phone grip strap

Be sure to push down the tape firmly.

Step 3 (Option 2): Sew the Ribbon

  • The tape will eventually let go, so sewing is a sturdier, longterm option.
  • Using the amount of slack you measured in step 2, sew the ribbon into a loop. Any type of stitch will work, as long as you make a few tight stitches.
DIY phone grip strap

Sew the two ends of the ribbon together.

DIY phone grip strap

It’s OK if your stitches are sloppy! No one will see them inside the case.

Step 4: Enjoy Your DIY Phone Grip Strap

  • Put your case back onto your phone.
  • Test that the ribbon is holding tightly. Adjust as necessary.
  • Enjoy!
DIY phone grip strap

Go for a walk with your new phone grip strap!

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Friday 12th of August 2022

Thank you so much!! This is exactly what I was looking for


Sunday 10th of January 2021

Awesome tutorial! After breaking my 3rd ring on my phone case, I’m definitely doing this

Cindy Scott

Thursday 4th of February 2021

Did you try it? How did it work out?

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