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This is a list of ALL of my favorite products that I recommend throughout my site and YouTube channel. It’s a work in progress, so check back for more soon!

Photography Gear

Cameras & Lenses

  1. Camera: Sony Alpha 6100: I upgraded to this camera for YouTube because it has INCREDIBLE auto-focus that follows me during video (and I tend to move A LOT). It also has a flip-around screen to allow me to see myself while filming. It was hard for me to move away from Canon, but this Sony blows me away with its video capabilities. While I love it, I’m hoping to someday upgrade to the slightly nicer Sony Alpha 6600 and use the 6100 as my 2nd angle camera.
  2. Lens: Sigma 30mm 1.4 for Sony E: Although I bought my camera with 2 kit zoom lenses, the Sigma 30mm is the one I use for the majority of my filming. Its very wide aperture (F1.4) allows me to get that beautiful blur (bokeh) behind me. I think this lens is a fantastic value for the price. If you wondering what makes the biggest difference in the look of my videos – this lens is it!


  1. Main Light: GVM SoftBox Lighting Kit:This was my first light and it’s AMAZING but probably more power than I need indoors (but it gives me versatility to be able to use it anywhere). I love that it has near-perfect color (unlike some lower quality lights) and the softbox gives a very flattering glow. It’s a color temp of 5600k, which is ideal for video lighting. I had hoped this light would be enough but I added more lights quickly!
  2. Fill Lights: Neewer 2 Packs LED Panel Lights: I chose these because their top color matches the color of my main light (5600k). They are incredibly bright and powerful for how small & inexpensive they are! Unfortunately, I think they’re a bit harsh with just their small diffuser so they need something else to diffuse them if you’re going to point them at you (at least if you want to look pretty! 🙂 ). Right now, I’m using the diffuser below, but I may upgrade to another softbox. The diffuser is easy to fit in my small space, though! I use one of these lights opposite my main light and one to point at the ceiling for a general fill.

Photo Accessories

  1. Reflector / Diffuser: Neewer 5-in-1 Reflector/Diffuser: When I first started with just the main light, I used the silver side of this as a reflector on the opposite side from my single light. Now that I have the fill lights, I use the translucent white as a large diffuser over my side fill light. I love the versatility of this disc and I feel like every photographer or videographer needs one in their toolbox!
  2. Mini tripod: Neewer Mini Tripod:Because I don’t have much space, I love this mini tripod that I can use on my shelf instead of a big one on the floor. It’s such a great space saver!

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