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Snapware Glass Food Storage Containers Review: 7 Pros & 4 Cons

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I’ve owned the Snapware glass food storage containers for several years now. I’m going to share with you seven things I like about them and four things I don’t like so much about them. And I’m going to tell you if I think they’re worth the money or not.

Overall, what is my review of the Snapware glass food storage containers? Snapware glass food storage containers are a long-lasting alternative to plastic containers. They are easy to open and close, watertight, and dishwasher safe.

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Snapware Glass Food Storage Containers Review: 7 Pros & 4 Cons

Why Glass Food Storage Containers?

Shopping for food storage containers can be so frustrating for moms. You spend a bunch of money, and then they end up not working for your family or falling apart right away. It’s just so frustrating.

Several years ago I decided to change my family’s food storage containers from plastic to glass. I had some health concerns about storing our food in plastic containers. I just felt like it was time for us to switch to glass.

I checked out several different kinds of containers. I ended up settling on the Snapware glass containers. Overall, they’ve been pretty great for our family, but there have been some pros and cons.

Snapware Glass Food Storage Containers Pros

First, let’s start with the positives.

1. Not Plastic

The first thing is obviously they’re not plastic. I like that they’re glass. Of course, the lids are plastic, but the plastic lid is generally not touching the food when it’s stored in there so that doesn’t concern me too much. I also don’t use the plastic lids in the microwave.

2. Easy to Open and Close

The second thing I like is that they’re very easy to open and close. They have these little flaps on them, and they’re really easy to snap open and close.

When I first got them, my kids were pretty young. They had no trouble opening and closing them. In the past they had a lot of trouble with opening and closing containers like Rubbermaid and Tupperware. These are much easier to open.

3. Completely Watertight

The third thing that I love about them is they’re completely watertight. You can actually put soup in them, flip them upside down, and they’re not going to leak. That’s really hard to find in food storage containers and I really appreciate that.

Woman holding Snapware glass food storage containers

4. Easy to Wash & Dishwasher-Safe

The next thing that I like about them is they’re really easy to wash in the dishwasher. The instructions say to put the lids on the top shelf, but I put them on the top and the bottom in the dishwasher and they’ve been totally fine. Which leads me to the next thing that I like about them.

5. They Don’t Stain

They don’t stain. Even if I put them in the dishwasher with things like spaghetti sauce, the lids have come out looking pretty good. I have one that is several years old and even the lid still looks pretty good. It hasn’t turned orange over the years.

6. Long-Lasting

And that brings me to the next point: they’ve lasted a long time. We’ve had a bunch of them for quite a few years and I think we’ve only had a problem with one or two of them. They’ve just lasted, and so many times before our food storage containers have fallen apart really quickly.

7. Useful Shapes & Sizes

The last thing I love about Snapware glass storage containers is probably the most important. They’re useful. They’re made in sizes that just work.

Snapware glass food storage containers

I really love the round storage containers for storing things like cut veggies because it encourages my whole family to eat more veggies. And I love the big rectangle one because I can put a portioned meal of leftovers for my husband to take to work. There’s just all kinds of really useful sizes in there.

Snapware Glass Food Storage Containers Cons

Now let’s take a look at some of the negatives of the Snapware glass food storage containers.

1. Can Chip

The first one is, since they are glass, they can chip. But I will tell you we’ve had them for years with two rambunctious kids in the house and we haven’t really had many problems. I think we have had one or two chips over the years.

If it’s a minor chip, it can be sanded down and you can still use them. Overall, they’ve lasted way longer than I really expected glass containers to last around our house.

2. Heavy

The next downside is they are pretty heavy. They weigh a lot so I probably wouldn’t put them in something like a kid’s lunchbox, just because of the weight. In that case, I’d probably use some other material instead.

3. Difficult to Store

The weight is one of the things that leads to the next negative I have for them, which is issues with storage. When they’re stacked up together, they do weigh a lot, so you have to have a really strong shelf to put them on.

Another storage consideration is if you have a mix of the round and rectangle containers they don’t stack very well together. Also, you need to think about how you’re going to store the lids. Although there are lid storage devices that you can put in the cupboards, they don’t really work with the lids that have the flaps on the side because it’s just too awkward to stack them in there.

I came up with my own solution. I like to use this Sterlite Ice Cube container because I can just set the lids inside of them. Even though the lids are an awkward shape it holds them pretty neatly in the cupboard.

Snapware lids in an ice bin

4. Higher Cost

The last negative I wanted to share is cost. This glass Snapware containers cost about two to three times the price of similar plastic ones. So they definitely are more expensive than other options.

Snapware Glass Food Storage Containers Review: Conclusion

For me, because they last so long and I’m avoiding the plastic that I’d rather not use for food storage, it is worth the price. But that’s up to you to decide whether it makes sense for you or not. Check out the Snapware glass food storage containers at

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