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Boots Like Doc Martens: 3 Shockingly Similar Lookalikes!

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Some fashion statements never die. Did you know Doc Martens are one of few fashion staples that have survived a full seven decades? They were introduced in the 1940s but are most well known as a 1990s fashion icon of the grunge movement.

Doc Martens are still popular today and as such a longstanding fashion staple, why not invest in a pair? They’re not going anywhere!

Are There Cheaper Boots Like Doc Martens?

After some searching, I found that these seem to be the best boots similar to Doc Martens at a reasonable price:

My Top Picks: Best Alternatives to Doc Martens
  • Highest Quality: Resonda Women Fashion Leather Ankle Bootie 
  • Most Comfortable: Koask Women’s Round Toe Lase-up Ankle Boots
  • Best Vegan Option: Dream Pairs Women’s Combat Ankle Boots

Here is a quick comparison chart of the options:

Dr. Martens Womens 1460W Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot,...
Dr. Martens Womens 1460W Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot,...
Dr. Martens Womens 1460W Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot,...
Dr. Martens Womens 1460W Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot,...

What Are Dr Martens Boots?

Dr. Martens Womens Lace-up boot

Dr Martens are a pair of heavy lace-up boots or shoes with an air cushioned sole. They are created by the English Footwear company Dr. Martens. Over the years they have become known not only for their classic appearance, but also quality leather and comfort.

The Dr Martens company prides itself on making a product that is “tough as you” for the last six decades. Learn more about their “tough as you” guarantee on the official Dr Martens page.

What Are the Types of Dr Martens Boots?

Although Doc Martens are primarily known for their classic lace-up boots they do offer some other boot options. These options include:

  • Heeled boots
  • Platform boots
  • Chelsea boots (no lace)
  • Fur-lined boots
  • Strap Tall Boots
  • Ankle Boots

Dr Martens has also branched out and you can now find a variety of footwear options other than boots also design by Doc.

How Much Do Doc Martens Cost?

While you can find Doc Marten knock offs at a pretty low price, you’ll find the real deal requiring a bit more from your pocketbook.

Original Dr Martens Women’s boots are listed on their website for $150. This price can trend up to $200 depending on the exact style/design you are looking for.

Are Dr Martens Worth the Money?

Nowadays with a variety of brands creating Doc Marten look alikes it’s arguable that the original Dr Martens are no longer worth the money. It seems you are paying the extra money for the iconic brand name rather than a unique look.

Though if the brand is as tough as they claim to be, perhaps they are worth the extra expense. Most other boots like Doc Martens do not make the claim to be as “tough as you” and last through the ages.

Highest Quality Dupe for Dr Martens: Resonda Boots

Highest Quality Dr Marten Alternative: Resonda Women Fashion Leather Ankle Bootie

These alternatives to Doc Martens seem to have raving reviews. Some people claim they are the most comfortable boots made.

As comfortable as the original Dr Martens? That’s what some people are saying! The exterior is pliable and the thick soul is flexible making for a comfortable experience from the very first wear.

Resonda Women Fashion Leather Ankle Bootie - Pros
  • Comfortable
  • Great quality
  • Nearly identical to Dr Martens

Resonda Women Fashion Leather Ankle Bootie - Cons
  • Sizing issues
  • Poor craftsmanship when it comes to details
  • May not last as long as the original

Dr Martens Lookalike: Koask Lase-up Ankle Boots

Dr Martens Lookalike: Koask Women's Round Toe Lase-up Ankle Boots

These Doc Marten look alikes are very similar to the original!. Many claim that other people offered complements on their Doc Marten style choice wearing these Koask boots.

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the sizing but otherwise, the majority of buyers are in favor of this alternative to Dr Martens.

Koask Women's Round Toe Lase-up Ankle Boots - Pros
  • Very similar appearance to original
  • Soft/flexible upper
  • Stands up to wear and tear

Koask Women's Round Toe Lase-up Ankle Boots  - Cons
  • Stiff sole
  • Sizing issues
  • Bulky fit

Vegan Doc Martens Alternative: Dream Pairs Combat Ankle Boots

Dr Marten has a full line of vegan boots, but if you’re looking for less expensive vegan boots like Doc Martens, you’re in luck!

Vegan Doc Marten Alternative: Dream Pairs Women's Combat Ankle Boots

If you’re looking for vegan boots, this may be your shoe! This boot does not contain any animal products. You can also find them at a very reasonable price.

These boots seem to be pretty comfortable and multiple buyers boasted of their water resistance.

Dream Pairs Combat Ankle Boots - Pros
  • Vegan
  • Comfortable
  • Fairly water resistant
  • Great price

Dream Pairs Women's Combat Boots - Cons
  • Not durable
  • Narrow fit

Are these Doc Martens Knock-offs?

Dr Marten knock-offs would be things that are made to look exactly like Dr Martens, complete with fake brand labels. True knock-offs are illegal.

These aren’t Dr Marten knock-offs. They’re just other brands of combat style ankle boots that look similar to Doc Martens.

Have You Tried Any of These Boots like Doc Martens?

I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below! Have you tried any of these Doc Marten Alternatives? Were they any good?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.