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Honest E-Cloth Review: 4 Products I Love and 3 I’d Skip

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As I’ve been working on reducing my family’s dependence on chemical cleaners and disposable products, I’ve been using a lot more microfiber cleaning products. E-cloth sells all kinds of high-quality microfiber products but they’re pretty expensive. Are they worth the money?

Overall, what is my E-cloth review? E-cloth is a very high-quality, long-lasting microfiber cleaning cloth that does a superb job cleaning up everyday household messes without cleaning solutions. E-cloth is worth the monetary investment over inferior cleaning cloths.

I haven’t loved every e-cloth product I have tried, though. You can read more details below, but I think the BEST e-cloth products are:

What Makes E-Cloth Different?

I’ve been checking out these E-cloths for over three years now and I’ve tried a bunch of different products from E-cloth. Some of them I love. Some of them I think you should probably skip.

Before we get into the different types of E-cloth products, let’s talk about what makes E-cloth different than your typical microfiber cloth from the grocery store. I purchased one of the cloths below at the Dollar Tree while the other one is an E-cloth.

One of the differences that you’ll notice right away is how they feel. The Dollar Tree cloth is just lighter weight. It kind of sticks to my fingers.

When I use the generic Dollar Tree cloth to wipe things up, it just does not feel the same as the E-cloth. You can feel the E-cloth picking things up off the surface when you wipe with it.

Another big difference between the two is the number of microfibers per square inch. A low-quality microfiber cloth is going to have less than a hundred thousand fibers per square inch. However, an E-cloth has three million fibers per square inch.

Now, why does that matter? Well the more fibers per square inch, the smaller the fibers are. And the smaller the fibers are, the smaller particles are able to pick up. So E-cloth is able to pick up things like proteins and bacteria that a lower quality microfiber would not be able to pick up.

One more difference between an E-cloth and other lower-quality microfiber cloths is the fabric content. An e-cloth is 20% polyamide, which is another name for nylon. Some lower-quality microfibers might be a hundred percent polyester or they might have some polyamide.

That fabric content makes a huge difference in how much water the cloth can absorb. It also plays into the overall cleaning properties of the microfiber cloth.

Where to Find E-cloth?

E-cloth products can be a little tricky to find. If you’re looking for them locally, I’ve found them at my local Ace Hardware and sometimes some smaller independent gift shops will carry them too.

If you want to order them online, Amazon is a convenient option. A great place to start is this E-cloth home starter set.

4 E-Cloth Products I Love

So now let’s get into the products that I like and the ones that I think you should skip. First let’s start off with the winners.

1. E-cloth Deep Clean Mop

The first product that I love is the E-cloth deep clean mop. This mop has a big metal pole that gets longer if you need it to. The cleaning head has a metal top where you velcro the microfiber pad.

To use the mop, you just get the microfiber part wet. It does a great job of cleaning your floors. No other chemical cleaners are necessary.

2. E-cloth Window Cleaning Pack

The next one that’s my favorite from E-cloth is their window cleaning set. It comes with a waffle weave cloth and a polishing cloth.

When I first started checking out E-cloth, I couldn’t figure out what the point was of this separate waffle cloth. I learned when you get the waffle cloth wet you can use it to clean glass and mirrors. It really does a better job than any other cloth I’ve seen on those surfaces!

And then you use the polishing cloth to dry the surface. It does a great job on windows and mirrors.

3. E-cloth Glass and Polishing

The third product that I absolutely love is the glass and polishing cloth. You can buy these separate or you can buy multi-packs of them.

These are fantastic for anything that’s shiny. You can shine up faucets. You can use them on anything like stainless steel to make it shiny.

I personally like to use the polishing cloth on my phone to wipe the smudges off of it. That works really well. These cloths only work when they’re dry so I like to have several of these while I’m cleaning around the house because once they get wet, they’re not very useful anymore.

4. E-cloth General Purpose Cloth

The final product that I absolutely love is the E-cloth Multipurpose Cloth. It’s just fantastic for general cleaning around the house.

It’s great on things like sinks and faucets. It also works on walls and it’s less harsh than something like a magic eraser, so it’s less likely to take the paint off.

Another thing I like to use it for that might be a little unusual is to scrunch hair product into my damp hair.

3 E-Cloth Products to Skip

Let’s take a look at the E-cloth products that I’ve tried that I think maybe you should skip. They just weren’t super useful in my home for some reason or another.

1. E-cloth Range and Stove top Cleaner

The first one is the range and stovetop cleaner. I have a flat cooking range and I thought that this would be a good one to use on that but I just didn’t think it worked that great. I thought that the general purpose cloth actually did a better job. This one has scrubber strips on it but I didn’t really find the scrubber strips all that useful.

2. E-cloth Washing Up Pad

The next one is the washing up pad. It’s a sponge that has a soft side and kind of a rough side. This is meant for washing dishes.

I didn’t like this as much for washing dishes as some other products out there. My favorite thing for washing dishes actually is the Swedish dishcloth. If you want to learn more about that check out my full Swedish dishcloth review.

3. E-cloth Eyeglasses Cleaning Cloth

The next E-cloth product that I would recommend you probably just skip is their glasses cleaning cloth. Now if you do like to wipe smudges off your eyeglasses when they’re dry, I think this does do a pretty good job at that.

In my family, all four of us have glasses. We tend to get our glasses very dirty, so I usually have to wash them with soap and water. I use a little bit of Dawn dish soap and water to get them clean and then I like to dry them with the glass and polishing cloth. So I actually have a couple of these around the house that I used specifically for glasses.

How to Keep Your E-cloths Organized

I do love that the E-cloths, whether it’s the glass and polishing cloth or the general-purpose cloth, come in a variety of colors. You can get them in multi-color packages so I like to have different colors for different purposes.

For example, I have general-purpose cloths in all kinds of colors. The green one I only use for toilets. The pink ones I use for my hair. The yellow ones I use for wiping down surfaces or regular cleaning around the house.

The glass and polishing cloths are the same. The pink ones I use for glasses. The yellow ones I use when I’m cleaning glass or mirrors. For me, this just helps keep things separate and helps me remember which is for which.

E-cloth Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • No chemical cleaners necessary
  • Quality product
  • It really works!

E-cloth Review: Summary

Overall, do I think that E-cloth is worth the money? I really do. They’re a totally different product than your basic microfiber that you’d find in a grocery store.

Now you may be wondering how they compare to Norwex, which is one of their biggest competitors. Norwex is also a high-quality microfiber brand. I have another post comparing E-cloth vs Norwex, so go check that out if you’re interested.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you’ve tried the E-cloth, let me know what you think.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.