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Review: Willow Toilet Paper from Aldi

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This post is part of my popular toilet paper review series. No one likes to throw money down the toilet by spending more than necessary on toilet paper! This series helps you check out the cheaper toilet paper options and save some money. This post is a review of Willow toilet paper from Aldi. If you’d like to read more, check out my full guide to cheap toilet paper.

You may think of Aldi for cheap snacks, eggs, or milk, but have you ever tried their paper products? In this post, I look at Aldi’s toilet paper options.

Review Aldi Willow Toilet Paper

Aldi Willow Toilet Paper Options

Aldi stores seem to carry either 3 or 5 options of toilet paper. All stores carry:

  1. Willow 1000 Essential (not reviewed in this post)
  2. Willow So Soft
  3. Willow Soft & Strong

Some Aldi stores also carry these additional options:

  1. Willow Ultra Soft
  2. Willow Ultra Strong

Aldi Willow Toilet Paper

Which Toilet Paper Brands Do Willow Compare To?

All of the types of Aldi Willow toilet paper have “compare to” brand names on the package. When I tested the Willow toilet paper, I also tested the comparable brand names, so I could see how they REALLY compare. Here are the corresponding brands to the Willow generics:

  • Willow 1000 Essential = Scott 1000
  • Willow So Soft = Angel Soft
  • Willow Soft & Strong = Quilted Northern Soft & Strong
  • Willow Ultra Strong = Charmin Ultra Strong
  • Willow Ultra Soft = Charmin Ultra Soft

How did Aldi Willow toilet paper really STACK UP to the brand names?

Pros and Cons: Willow Toilet Paper from Aldi

I put all of the Aldi Willow toilet papers (and their corresponding brand names) through the same scientific toilet paper experiments that I’ve used in previous reviews. I rated each of them on these factors:

  1. Strength: the amount of weight can it hold before ripping.
  2. Softness: how soft does it feel on the skin (opinion).
  3. Thickness: thickness, based on how it looks and how it feels.
  4. Absorbency: the amount of water can it absorb.
  5. Comfort: my personal opinion on how nice it feels.
  6. Lint-free: how well it avoids leaving lint around the bathroom and on your behind.
  7. Dissolvability: speed of dissolving into little pieces in cold water.
  8. Price: number of sheets per dollar, as compared to the name brands.


Willow So Soft Toilet Paper Review

Willow So Soft from Aldi

I did not enjoy Willow So Soft toilet paper from Aldi. It’s thin, scratchy, and uncomfortable. It definitely feels like “bargain toilet paper”.

Willow So Soft PROS:

  • Dissolvability
  • Lint-free
  • Value for the price

Willow So Soft CON:

  • Strength

Willow Soft & Strong Toilet Paper Review

Willow Soft & Strong Toilet Paper from Aldi

Willow Soft & Strong is a great value for the money. If you’re not looking for ultra plush toilet paper, I think it’s a good choice. Overall, I’d give it a “not bad” as far as comfort.

Willow Soft & Strong PROS:

  • Strength
  • Dissolvability
  • Value for the price

Aldi Willow Toilet Paper

Willow Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Review

Willow Ultra Soft Toilet Paper from Aldi

Willow Ultra Soft really is pretty soft and comfortable. It is a bit of a linty mess, though.

Willow Ultra Soft PROS:

  • Dissolvability
  • Softness
  • Thickness
  • Comfort

Willow Ultra Soft CONS:

  • Very Linty

Willow Ultra Strong Toilet Paper Review

Willow Ultra Strong Toilet Paper from Aldi

Willow Ultra Strong is not quite as soft as I prefer, but it seems like a pretty good quality. For those who like the “strong” types of toilet paper, I think it’s a fair-priced option.

Willow Ultra Strong PROS:

  • Strength
  • Dissolvability
  • Thickness

How Does Willow Toilet Paper Compare To the Name Brands?

Whenever I see “compare to…” on a generic package, I’m also curious how it really compares to the brand name. I tried out the Willow toilet paper side-by-side with their “compare to” brand names to see for myself.

Willow So Soft Vs. Angel Soft

Let me start this by saying that I think brand-name Angel Soft is pretty terrible toilet paper. There is nothing soft or “angelic” about it! With that said, I think that Willow So Soft toilet paper is BETTER than Angel Soft.

Willow So Soft vs Angel Soft

As you can see in the chart, Willow So Soft tested lower than Angel Soft for strength, but higher for thickness and absorbency. If I had to choose between the two, I’d choose Willow So Soft, but even if my budget were super-tight, I’d pass on both. I think Willow Soft & Strong is a better budget option.

Willow Soft & Strong Vs. Quilted Northern Soft & Strong

Honestly, the fact that Aldi says Willow Soft & Strong is “comparable to” Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong is just silly. They’re completely different things. I feel like Willow Soft & Strong is pretty nice for a budget toilet paper. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong is a luxury toilet paper. Willow Soft & Strong is nothing like Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong. The most immediate difference I noticed is that Willow Soft & Strong makes a crinkly noise like a cheap facial tissue. Quilted Northern Soft & Strong feels luxuriously soft and quiet. The chart below the test results of Willow Soft & Strong vs. Quilted Northern Soft & Strong.

Quilted Northern Vs Willow Soft & Strong

While I think Willow Soft & Strong is a good budget toilet paper, if you’re a fan of Quilted Northern Soft & Strong, you’d be very disappointed with the Willow version.

Willow Ultra Soft Vs. Charmin Ultra Soft


Charmin Ultra Soft is different from other toilet papers because it’s extremely soft and very absorbent. While it’s not an exact match, Willow Ultra Soft is the closest generic I’ve found to Charmin Ultra Soft. Willow is not quite as soft and absorbent as Charmin, but it’s close. I don’t personally love Willow Ultra Soft because it leaves so much lint everywhere, but Charmin Ultra Soft has a similar problem. Here’s how Willow Ultra Soft compared to Charmin Ultra Soft in my testing:

Charmin Ultra Soft Vs Willow Ultra Soft

As you can see, Willow Ultra Soft has a few pros compared to Charmin Ultra Soft in addition to a cheaper price. Willow dissolves much better and is stronger than Charmin.

Willow Ultra Strong Vs. Charmin Ultra Strong

Willow Ultra Strong is definitely “comparable to” Charmin Ultra Strong. They feel pretty similar. The main difference I notice is that Charmin is more flexible, while Willow is more stiff feeling. Overall, though, if you like Charmin Ultra Strong, you should probably give Willow Ultra Strong a try. I would certainly save you some money and help your plumbing.

As you can see by the chart Willow Ultra Strong is softer and easier to dissolve than Charmin Ultra Strong. I wrote more about cheaper alternatives to Charmin Ultra Strong in my ultimate guide to cheap toilet paper.

Is Willow Toilet Paper Safe for Septic Tanks?

All of the types of Willow toilet paper from Aldi say that they’re safe for septic tanks on the package. My dissolvability test confirmed that they all dissolve into little pieces in water very quickly. They dissolve MUCH easier than all of the brand names I tested. I would say that all varieties of Willow toilet paper are a good choice for those with septic tanks.

Is Willow Toilet Paper a Good Price?

Willow So Soft and Willow Soft & Strong are both EXCELLENT prices. They are cheaper than almost every other 2-ply toilet paper out there. The only brand that is slightly cheaper is Kirkland Signature from Costco. I talk more about this in my post about the best value in toilet paper.

Willow Ultra Strong and Willow Ultra Soft are both moderately good prices. If you don’t want to buy toilet paper in warehouse club sizes, they’re one of the best prices for a high-quality toilet paper.

Summary: Aldi Willow Toilet Paper Review

If you’re looking for a decent toilet paper at a great choice, I think Willow Soft & Strong is a good option. If you’re looking for quality higher than most generic toilet papers, I think Willow Ultra Soft or Willow Ultra Strong are good options. They are a good value compared to other options that you can buy at grocery stores, but they are not as good of a value as the warehouse club options. Check out my post about the best value in toilet paper for more about the warehouse club options. For thoughts on another good quality generic toilet paper, see my review of Amazon Presto toilet paper.

Aldi Willow Toilet Paper

Bottom Line: Would I Buy Willow Toilet Paper?

I will definitely finish the packages of all the varieties of Willow Toilet Paper I have now.

Willow toilet paper from Aldi is not my first choice, but I would be open to buying the ultra varieties on occasion. It is a good value for a toilet paper that is available in local stores without buying a huge quantity. For me, though, it doesn’t quite measure up to the quality and price of my current favorite, Member’s Mark toilet paper from Sam’s Club.

“On a Roll” with Toilet Paper

Be sure to check out the rest of my toilet paper series, especially my ultimate guide to cheap toilet paper.

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Thursday 16th of March 2023

Last pack it was like looking threw it with so many holes in the paper most time it work and looks good most of the rolls where like that, we used twice as much.

Deana King

Thursday 12th of May 2022

I recently bought on like willow toilet paper from Aldi's and it said So Soft and JUMBO roll. The roll is only 1/2 the size of a jumbo roll of any kind. This is false advertising in my opinion..


Tuesday 8th of June 2021

Aldi has a version of the Member's Mark from Sams Club too. At least the one here does. It's called Willow Premium Thick and Soft and it comes in a "club size" 30 mega roll package for about $15-17 depending on where you live. It is the absolute best T.P. they make as far as we are concerned and its all I buy anymore. If you ever do another comparison I highly recommend you include it!


Thursday 27th of August 2020

I didn't see the Willow strong & plush mentioned. I really liked it & then when the rush on TP came w/ Covid-19, it was not available until recently. I was really glad to see it on my Aldi's shelf. However my excitement was quickly gone when I started using it. It was thinner & soft on one side but rough on the other. I plan to return it for a refund & go back to Charmin or Northern!

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