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4 of the Best Cheaper Alternatives to Rothy’s Point Flats

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Have you seen the ads for Rothy’s on Facebook and Pinterest? They seem like incredible shoes, don’t they? Cute, comfortable, sustainable, and cruelty-free? What more could a stylish gal ask for?!

Well, how about an affordable price? We’re not all living on the budget of a princess, am I right? Are there any cheaper alternatives to Rothy’s?

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Don’t worry! As part of the famous “cheaper alternatives” series, I’ve found some cute, budget-friendly options, just for you! If you read about the cheaper alternatives to Tieks, you know I’m always on the lookout for cute and inexpensive flats.

If you’re looking for other cute shoes, check out the cheaper alternatives to Sperry Topsiders and cheaper alternatives to LL Bean boots. If you’re looking for comfortable sneakers, check out these comfortable Converse alternatives.

What are Rothy’s?

Rothy’s are sustainably made knit shoes for women and children. They’re comfortable, stylish, and classic. They’re also pretty famous due to the fact that Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a pair of pointed black Rothy’s.

What are the styles of Rothy’s shoes?

Rothy’s are currently available in 4 styles:

    1. The Flat (rounded toe for women)
    2. The Point (pointed toe flat for women)
    3. The Loafer (for women & kids)
    4. The Sneaker (for women & kids)

This post will focus on The Point because it is the most popular Rothy’s style lately.

Features of Rothy’s “The Point” Flats

  • Made of seamless knit fabric
  • Sustainably made from recycled water bottles and carbon-free rubber
  • Removable, cushioned insole
  • Flexible & lightweight
  • Machine washable

How Much Do Rothy’s Points Cost?

Rothy’s Points cost a whopping $145. While they are very nice shoes, that’s a price that’s out of most women’s budget!

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Rothy’s?

At $145, almost every other flat out there is going to be cheaper than Rothy’s. While there’s no option that’s identical to Rothy’s in every way, there are some great cheaper alternatives to Rothy’s. Which you choose will just depend on what you’re looking for!

Here are the top 4 best options I found. More details are below about each shoe.

My Top Picks: Best Cheaper Alternatives to Rothy's

Best Supportive Cheaper Alternative to Rothy’s

Best Supportive Rothy's Alternative: Vionic Caballo
Vionic Caballo Flat
Vionic Caballo ballet flats are a very supportive stylish pointed flat. While they’re not the cheapest, they’re still quite a bit less than Rothy’s. These are a great option if you are on your feet all day.
Vionic Caballo - Pros
  • Excellent arch support.
  • Removable insole.
  • Recommended by podiatrists.
  • Available in half sizes and wide width.
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns (including leopard!).
Vionic Caballo - Cons
  • Not Washable.
  • Made with animal products.

Best Sustainable Rothy’s Dupe

Best Sustainable Rothy's Dupe: Native Shoes Audrey
Native Aubrey Flats
Native Shoes Audrey are an EVA pointed flat (made of a material like Crocs). They are cruelty-free and recyclable.
Native Shoes Audrey - Pros
  • Washable.
  • Certified cruety-free.
  • Recycleable.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Less expensive than Rothy’s.
Native Shoes Audrey - Cons
  • Can get stinky.
  • Only available in whole sizes.
  • Lack arch support.

Best Knit Rothy’s Lookalike

Best Knit Rothy's Alternative: Sketchers Cleo

Sketchers Cleo Flat
Sketchers Cleo flats are the most similar in fabric to Rothy’s, although reviewers note that they’re a bit stiffer.
Sketchers Cleo - Pros
  • Much less expensive than Rothy’s
  • No animal products
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
Sketchers Cleo - Cons
  • Not washable
  • Stiffer material than Rothy’s
  • Not very pointed
  • Not sustainably produced

Best Budget-Friendly Rothy’s Alternative

Best Inexpensive Rothy's Dupe: Ollio Comfort Flat
Ollio Comfort Flats
Ollio Ballet Comfort Flats are a great budget-friendly alternatives to Rothy’s. They’re comfortable and classic.
Ollio Ballet Comfort - Pros
  • Stylish pointed look.
  • Comfortable.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Available in whole and half sizes up to women’s size 11.
Ollio Ballet Comfort - Cons
  • Not Washable.
  • Not much arch support.
  • Sizing is inconsistent.
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Wednesday 7th of July 2021

No offense, but these look NOTHING like The Points by Rothy's. Kinda sad. I was really hoping to0 find an actual cheaper 'dupe'


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

I debated for a while and eventually purchased the rothys. What you spend over a lifetime of these cheaper flats, you’d probably be saving if you spent just 145 once for the pair, and you’d get the actual deal - not just a cheap lookalike that’s isn’t as comfortable. Cost per use with rothys, especially since they’re machine washable, is way less than a cheaper pair of flats that get old after a year’s worth of wears.

Also, these are good alternatives if you still don’t want to pay too much up front - but the last pair doesn’t look anything like rothys. Yes they’re pointed toe flats. That’s all.

Regina Montgomery

Saturday 5th of September 2020

Thank you. I just saw on instagram rothys flats for 25.00 and was. Very skeptical After looking closer it says Rothysz,com Whats the difference are they knock offs and shiukd i staybaway from them?

Cindy Scott

Thursday 10th of September 2020

Those sound like real knock offs! I'd stay away. Personally, I try to stick to other legitimate brands that are similar instead.

Jane Griggs

Tuesday 19th of May 2020

Hi: I've been buying apropos footwear for years - bought my first pair in Boston fifteen or more years ago when my husband was running the marathon and my feet hurt from playing tourist. Their sport skimmer model was a staple when I used to travel, and I wore them to work regularly as a teacher on my feet all day. They're very good quality (still have old ones I use gardening), cute, have a very comfortable cushion inside, and rubber sole - they can be machine washed. When I found out they were made here in the USA, that's made me even happier with my purchases.

Cindy Scott

Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Awesome! I'll have to check them out!


Thursday 24th of October 2019

I bought 2 pairs of the Vionics when I was working retail. Frankly, they are the worst shoes I’ve ever owned! They not only gave my blisters, but cut through my blister bandaid, and several years later continue to give me blisters. Considering I spent almost as much on them as I would of the Rothys, I ordered a pair of Rothys this week (haven’t received them yet). Vionics suck. Try one of the others, especially for the price.

Cindy Scott

Thursday 24th of October 2019

I adore my Vionics but shoes are so personal! I'd be interested to hear what you think of the Rothys!

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